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Why is art education so bad?

Why is art education so bad?

The UK has the highest percentage of art education students in the world, but many have a very limited understanding of the subject.

In this video, I explain why this is and what you can do to improve your art education. 


Art Education Needs to Improve Its Research A lot of people have heard that art education is a waste of time. 

“Art schools are full of stupid people, and if you have the guts to look at the data you can find out that the majority of art students fail to achieve their art ambitions”, they say. 

I would argue that this is a misnomer. 

The evidence suggests that arts education is an important component of the student’s development, and has a very positive impact on a student’s life in terms of learning and engagement. 

Art school students are better than their peers in almost every subject. 

What they fail to realise is that in most art schools, they are not getting the education they need to be successful in the field. 

If we want to increase their exposure to different styles of art, we need to do more than just teach them how to paint.

We need to give them the right skills to do the work, the tools and materials. 


The best way to improve art education The art schools in the UK need to start investing in their research. 

Their research needs to be better informed by new and innovative research.


What is Art Education?

Art education is the knowledge and skills of painting and sculpture that are required to achieve the objectives of the artist. 

To understand the art education issue we need a bit of background on the art industry. 

As an industry, it is very much an industry of knowledge and talent. 

A good example of this is the Art Institute of America. 

Its an institution of higher learning where people of all ages come to learn the craft and be taught the skills needed to produce artworks. 

In the UK, the Art School in Bradford is home to some of the best students in Britain. 

It’s the only school in the country to have a world-class painting department. 

Many of the artists who attend the school also go on to be professional artists in their own right. 

And although many art schools are in London, many are in the West End of London where the city’s cultural scene is best known. 

There are some good reasons why art education in the west end of London is so well-regarded. 

For one thing, the area has a much wider range of art styles than the west. 

Also, the arts in the area are known for its rich and vibrant art scene. 


The UK Needs Art Education in the Arts It’s no secret that the UK has a wealth of arts and crafts talent.

But a lot of that talent is missing from the country’s schools. 

We have a big problem in the arts education sector. 


How can we improve the education of artists?

A lot is still unknown about how to improve the art and craft education of our students. 

So what can be done? 

It seems like an obvious answer that a lot more needs to change. 

Here are five ideas. 

First, we can give our students more opportunities to make their art. 

Why should art students be given more opportunities? 

They are in a much better position to get to know each other, have a more positive impact, and become more engaged with the world around them. 

Secondly, we should consider making art a high priority. 

These opportunities to learn and experience a wide range of artistic styles are key to a successful career in the industry.

If art education needs to improve, then it should be focused on the arts and the students who are going to be in that environment. 

Thirdly, we could look at developing a new model of education.

For instance, we might look at introducing art as a major component of their higher education programme. 

This would give students an opportunity to develop their skills and build an understanding of how the art world works. 

Fourthly, it would help create a better learning environment for all the artists, from artists of all disciplines to students in their 20s and 30s. 

Finally, we have to recognise that we are all artists and that there is no substitute for good teaching. 


What can be learnt from the art sector? 

There is so much that we don’t know about the art schools sector in the US. 

But I have found the most fascinating part of this area is that the most talented and talented artists are also the most passionate about their craft. 

They spend their time and energy developing their craft, working towards a specific end and taking pride in their work. 

Perhaps the most amazing part is that many of the people in the art school system are also artists. 

Even the biggest names in the profession are artists, and I am sure that this passion will be reflected in the work

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