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Why is a new school for girls in the US so unpopular?

Why is a new school for girls in the US so unpopular?

A new school in New York City for girls has been accused of targeting students for gender-based violence because of the way the girls are dressed.

Students were told to wear headscarves to school to protest a dress code that bans women from wearing short-sleeved shirts and skirts.

The policy, adopted by the district in 2014, sparked protests across the country.

Now, students are wearing the full school uniform in the New York school.

“We believe that the students have the right to choose their clothes and that they should be able to choose what to wear in their own school and that should be a priority for the district,” the school’s principal, Susan Riehl, said on the ABC News program This Week.

But students have expressed concerns over the policy, which has been widely criticised.

In a letter to the school district’s board, student groups including the Girl Scouts of America, Girl Scouts for Equality and the United Students Against Sweatshops wrote that the policy “violates basic principles of gender equality” and that it “is not consistent with the principles of inclusion and inclusion of all students.”

They said the policy was “not only discriminatory but also discriminatory against girls and other students”.

Some of the students’ parents said the school policy was too restrictive.

“I think it is discriminatory to ask students to wear their hair short and make it a requirement to dress as a girl,” said one mother.

“What if the girl is wearing a suit?”

Another mother said she believed the policy would “bring the school under more scrutiny”.

“I don’t want to be discriminated against, but I am worried that the school might lose its federal funding,” the mother told the BBC.

“It’s like if I’m not allowed to go to my school and it’s like I’m the one who is being discriminated against.”

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