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Why I was on a Christian tour of Europe, Israel and Jordan

Why I was on a Christian tour of Europe, Israel and Jordan

I had been on a tour of Germany and Austria and France when I began to question my faith.

I had come to realise that Christianity was not just a religion, it was a lifestyle and I had seen a lot of the atrocities that were being committed against Christians in the Middle East.

I wanted to be part of this community and to bring them closer to me and my community.

The tour I had booked with Christian tours was going to be a Christian-only tour, which meant that there would be no Muslim guests.

But I felt that this would give me the opportunity to meet and learn from people from all over the world.

This was also a chance to get my head around the idea of a Christian world.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was surprised to find there were no Muslim people there.

I was also shocked to see that the room was not Muslim.

But it was the way I was treated by the hostess that really bothered me.

She asked me what I thought about Islam.

I told her it was very complex and I didn’t want to give a definition of it.

She told me that I had to accept it and that I needed to make a decision.

The moment I realised this, I began the process of being a Muslim in Germany and then Israel and finally Jordan.

I decided to go to Syria for a month and then return to my home country of Palestine.

This has been a challenging journey for me, but the trip has brought me closer to God and to my people.

I hope that this journey has helped to make me a better Muslim, and that this trip has given me the courage to come to the aid of others in need.

The first Muslim tour I went to was in Syria.

When you arrive in Syria, the first thing you notice is the huge Islamic flag.

I thought it was really odd to see a flag that wasn’t actually Arabic.

Then I noticed the flag, which is red with a white stripe across the top, is made of white material.

I felt like I was in a zoo.

There were some strange customs that I was unfamiliar with, such as wearing long-sleeved shirts, which I think was really strange.

But, most of all, I felt uncomfortable.

This feeling of being different and of being unwanted was one of the biggest challenges of going on a Muslim tour.

In Syria, you are supposed to wear a burqa or a niqab.

In Jordan, women wear a headscarf and men wear a beard.

In Israel, you can’t wear any face coverings or head coverings at all.

If you do, you face penalties of up to 10 years in jail.

I am a British citizen and I was travelling in a country that does not allow women to wear headscarves.

I remember being so nervous that I didn and then being very, very angry.

There are people in my family who are Muslims and I don’t want them to feel the way that I did.

The only thing I am allowed to wear is a scarf and I do not want that.

But in Syria and in Jordan, it is not a big deal to wear something like that.

It is a symbol of freedom and it is a way of saying, “I am not afraid of you.”

You feel very alone and that is one of my main fears as a Muslim woman.

This fear has been reinforced by the way Muslims in my country have reacted to the attacks on Christian churches and churches in the country.

For the first few days after the attacks, I had no idea that my country would be attacked again.

It has been very difficult for me to see what happened in my own country and to think that the actions of a few people in Europe have led to the death of a whole lot of Muslims.

I want to be clear about the fact that I am not against Muslims and people from other faiths.

I have many friends who are Muslim and who have been affected by the violence in my homeland.

It was only after a few weeks that I began wondering if the attacks had been caused by other people.

But after talking to people and meeting people who are from different backgrounds, I realised that this was not the case.

This is a story of the love of God and the strength of God.

There is a lot to be said for the fact I was the only Muslim in the group.

The whole group was Muslim, but we had to be very careful not to show our faces.

We kept our heads down, we kept quiet, we did not go anywhere.

But we could not hide from our brothers and sisters in the faith.

It made us feel really safe.

We were able to go back to our home country and the love that God has given us has brought us closer together.

I also feel that it is very important to be honest with God.

If we do not have the courage and honesty to speak the truth, then we have no chance of ever making the right choice.

It helps me

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