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Which states are doing the best job teaching kids to read and write?

Which states are doing the best job teaching kids to read and write?

Posted May 05, 2019 10:50:14With so much attention being paid to the digital literacy of kids, some states have done a better job of preparing them for the realities of the digital world.

The Associated Press ranked the states with the best performance in digital literacy, which measures reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, according to AP data.

California is No. 1 in reading comprehension with a score of 87, followed by New York with 83, Texas with 82, Oregon with 78, and Nevada with 76.

California ranked No. 4 in vocabulary with a reading score of 94, New York No. 6 with 93, and Texas No. 8 with 91.

But the rankings don’t include state-by-state results.

The AP did not include states with no statewide standardized tests for literacy.

Here’s what the AP found:States with the most reading and writing test scores are:California California has the highest test score for reading, at 97, followed closely by New Jersey with 96, New Mexico with 94, and New York City with 94.

The state with the lowest test score is Alaska with 88.

The states with most tests in reading and English for kids are:New Jersey New Jersey ranked second in reading, behind only Washington, D.C., with a 92.

Texas was third with 91, and the state with lowest score was Maine, at 67.

The state with highest test scores in writing was Wyoming with 87.

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