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When will the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Education Association be in a position to help the Trump administration enact the No Child Left Behind Act?

When will the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Education Association be in a position to help the Trump administration enact the No Child Left Behind Act?

The two groups are scheduled to meet Wednesday at the White House to discuss the Trump Administration’s effort to replace the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with a new set of standards that have been criticized by parents, teachers, students and experts.

The two groups also will discuss a proposal by the White Houses education director, Steve Mnuchin, to appoint a director of education.

But in an interview with CNNMoney, a source close to the discussions said that the Trump White Houses push for a new school accountability system is unlikely to occur in the next several weeks, and that the two groups will be in no position to support it.

“This is not a new issue, and there’s a history of working with them, and having the support of the White houses team,” the source said.

I think it’s going to be very difficult to get to a deal with them.””

The No Child LEAD Act has been on the agenda for months, and the Trump team hasn’t even met to discuss it yet.

I think it’s going to be very difficult to get to a deal with them.”

The White House is hoping to finalize a new, more streamlined system of standards for the Common Standards Initiative by early September, according to the source.

Some teachers have suggested that the Whitehouse’s new push for more accountability for teachers may have been the impetus for Mnuchin to put in a request to the Education Department for a recommendation for a replacement for the CCSS.

But there is no guarantee that the Department of Education will actually make a recommendation to the Whitehouses, according the source, who added that the President has a long history of using the Education Departments Office of Civil Rights to “go after people he thinks need to be punished.”

The source noted that Mnuchin’s request has been in the works for several months, but that he had not made it official yet.

Mnuchin, who is a former top education adviser to the President, was the one who made the request for the Education department to evaluate the potential replacement for CCSS, and he has a history with the Department that includes working on a bipartisan proposal to remove the Common Learning Standards and Common Core Standards from the Common Assessment of Academic Readiness and Readiness for College and Career.

“He had a long record with the Education Dept.,” the source told CNNMoney.

“He was one of the key architects of the No-Child-Left Behind Act, and was instrumental in the push to replace Common Core.”

According to the sources, there is a “very good chance” that the Education departments recommendation will not be formally adopted by the Department, and Mnuchin will likely have the opportunity to make a final decision on the recommendation at a later date.

But a spokesperson for the Department told CNN that the agency is still working with Mnuchin on a replacement and that it is working closely with the WhiteHouse.

Mnuto has said that he will make a decision about the replacement by the end of the year.

And although the Trump officials have not made a formal request for a formal recommendation to replace CCSS with the new system, the sources said the Trump administrations “firm” support for the No Common Core plan.

When asked about Mnuchin and Education Department officials, a spokesperson from the Department said: “The Department is committed to providing an effective education reform plan that is aligned with the needs of students and families across the country.”Read more:

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