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When to take your kids to the zoo

When to take your kids to the zoo

By Nick Hargreaves, Guardian article By NICK HAGREAVES, Guardian The theme park industry has been in decline for years, but the industry’s fortunes have been driven by the emergence of new ideas and technology that have changed the way the industry is run.

In the UK, the theme park sector was worth £1.3bn in 2012, down from £1,983m in 2012.

The industry was hit by the Brexit vote in June, when people voted to leave the European Union.

This caused a decline in visitor numbers.

Tourism accounts for about a third of the UK economy and it accounts for £3.5bn in tax revenue a year.

It has been estimated that about a quarter of that is lost to other sectors and the industry relies on a strong business environment to generate revenue.

The decline in the theme parks industry was highlighted by a survey of 4,000 people commissioned by the theme attractions industry and carried out by research firm IHS Markit.

It found that the theme industry saw a 50 per cent drop in visitors in 2016.

The industry’s share of the tourism market was down by 2.5 per cent.

“The decline has been particularly pronounced for families,” said Mark Wilson, director of IHSMarkit’s research group, which conducted the survey.

“Visitors to theme parks are more likely to be in their 30s and 40s, and parents are more concerned about safety.”

The research shows that the decline in theme park attendance has been driven in part by the introduction of CCTV and CCTV cameras in parks and restaurants.

But a major change has been the introduction in recent years of new technologies and ideas that have reduced the need for a dedicated park visitor.

There have been changes in the way visitors are presented to theme park staff, including a change in how they are viewed on the internet.

The introduction of mobile phones has also changed the nature of the interactions that occur with guests, and visitors have become more aware of how they interact with staff, said Wilson.

The theme park environment has also seen an increase in accessibility, particularly for older people, and the introduction and use of personal assistants has also improved, said Hargrave.

He said that the industry needs to develop an accessible theme park, so that visitors do not have to wait around for a visitor experience to improve or for people to change their behaviour.

The study found that a majority of respondents believed that it was important for theme park visitors to be able to see a guest experience and to be given the chance to make an informed choice.

The majority also said it was essential for the industry to be a part of the community, and for the staff and guests to be part of that community.

The survey was conducted between October and November, 2016.

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