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When the military pays for education, schools get hurt

When the military pays for education, schools get hurt

A military education program in Idaho is paying for students’ education through a state program that also pays for the salaries of teachers and principals.

Idaho Public Broadcasting reports the Idaho Military Institute, which oversees military education in Idaho, pays for students to take courses that include military education, military history, military doctrine, and combat skills.

Students can also take courses to earn certificates that they can use to apply to be in the military.

Idaho has also started an online course that students can take online.

It will pay for students in the fall to take the course online.

Idaho Gov.

Matt Mead signed a bill in the state legislature last week that allows the state to provide additional financial aid to students who need it to pay for their military education.

 The program is funded by a state aid package that includes a 10 percent tuition subsidy for Idaho students.

Students who qualify will receive $8,200 a year in grants and scholarships.

The Idaho Military University (IMU) has also provided $1.8 million in financial aid for students who are eligible for it.

The IMU is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and is part of the Idaho National Guard.

The Idaho Military Academy has also begun a similar program, but has not announced how much aid students will receive.

The U.S. Department of Defense provides a small percentage of military training and education to students from all over the country.

The U.N. provides a smaller amount of military education to military personnel, including for those who are deployed.

Students who do not qualify for military education but are eligible to receive military aid can still enroll in military-related classes or courses offered by the Idaho military academy, military colleges and universities, and the Idaho State Board of Education.

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