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‘We’re here to support them’ in Alabama’s faa school funding battle

‘We’re here to support them’ in Alabama’s faa school funding battle

The Alabama Education Association says it’s “disappointed” that state lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that would give $2.5 billion in funding to faa schools, while cutting funding for Alabama’s traditional public schools and creating new ones.

“We’re disappointed that they’re using that funding to go after traditional public school funding, which we’ve been fighting hard for, and that we’re seeing this in Alabama,” ADAA President Scott Gannam said.

“That’s a very dangerous move and it’s a real problem for the state.”

The ADAA wants lawmakers to make sure that the money goes to schools that need it the most.

Gannam added that faa students are in a better position financially than traditional public students.

“They’re facing a situation where they have to make a tough decision between paying the bills and putting their kids in a bad school environment,” he said. 

“It’s a tough choice for them to make.

I think they’re making a difficult choice.

We hope they don’t do that.”

Gannamp says the ADAA has been “concerned about this for a long time” and has raised concerns about the funding changes.

But he says they’re not going to stop fighting for the money because it’s the right thing to do.

“I think we are going to continue to fight to make that money go to the students,” he told ABC News.

“There’s going to be a lot of families that will be impacted by that.”

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