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U.S. health education programs to spend $2 billion to make Google more transparent

U.S. health education programs to spend $2 billion to make Google more transparent

The U.N. health agency says it will spend $4 billion to give the world’s biggest internet search engine more transparency and accountability as part of a push to encourage the public to learn more about its health risks.

The U.NSF launched a program earlier this year to offer free health information to consumers and businesses.

It is currently running a pilot project with health providers in a dozen cities.

The program will use $2.5 billion from the U.

Ns $9 billion global health fund to give Google more transparency.

Google has already disclosed to the UNSF that it has collected information about more than 4 million medical conditions and 1.3 million public health issues from more than 7.2 million users.

Google said it is taking steps to improve the transparency of its data and has made changes to its privacy policy to better ensure it respects users’ privacy.

The $2-billion program is funded by the UNAIDS Global Health Fund and the World Health Organization’s Global Programme for AIDS Control.

It has a cost of $2 million to implement, but the UN. hopes to be able to use it for several years to give a better picture of how the UAHs program is working and make improvements.

Google has said that it plans to use some of the money to provide a global platform for health information, but its privacy policies have been criticized by health providers.

Google will spend the money in five areas, including its own health data and data analytics.

It will also create a new health and wellness portal called Google Health, to help people find health care services and services that match their needs.

Google also will work with governments to develop programs to improve access to health care.

The new initiative will be financed through the UANF Health Data and Analytics Fund, which is aimed at providing high-quality, data-driven solutions to the global health crisis.

The UANFs budget is $3.5 trillion annually.

The World Health Fund, the UUNF’s health program, is funded largely by the European Union.

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