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The ‘Education Choice’ Program: Is it a new trend or just a new name?

The ‘Education Choice’ Program: Is it a new trend or just a new name?

This is the second article in a series about the new education choice programs that are coming to India, and how they are helping India’s teachers and teachers’ unions.

We’ll start with the Education Choice Program.

The ‘Education choice’ program is a new program in India, which was introduced to the Indian education system on April 1, 2017.

The program gives schools a number of choice options for teachers and administrators.

For example, a school could decide to offer a teaching degree or an online certificate for teachers.

The option is not mandatory, but schools are required to report on the program’s progress and make sure that all teachers are offered the option.

Schools also get the option to choose between teaching at home or at a government-run educational institution, and some schools are allowed to select which students to enroll in a particular school.

These choices may affect a school’s ability to recruit teachers.

What is a choice?

In the United States, for example, the Choice Program provides schools with the option of either enrolling students in a charter school or sending them to a traditional public school.

A choice is not a compulsory choice, though schools may make the choice for certain classes or students.

In India, the choice program is also referred to as a ‘dynamic program’ because it allows teachers to set their own hours, schedules and other educational choices.

There are also some other programs that offer similar flexibility.

For instance, the Teachers’ Union of India (TVU) offers a program called ‘Dynamics’.

The ‘education choice’ programs have been gaining momentum in the country for some time, and are starting to be rolled out in other Indian states.

In 2016, the State of Telangana introduced the Education Choices Program.

This program allows schools to choose whether to award a teaching certificate, online certificate or both.

Teachers and administrators can select their own classes, but the program also allows them to set a student’s work schedule and other academic activities.

This is a screenshot from the Teachers Education Choice program.

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