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Students with autism and learning disabilities are in the spotlight for their academic success

Students with autism and learning disabilities are in the spotlight for their academic success

The government is funding a number of educational programs for students with learning disabilities, including the HBCU Education Programs.

The HBCUs program aims to help young people with learning difficulties achieve academic success in high-demand subjects such as maths and science.

The Department of Education says the HBAU program aims at helping students with special needs and intellectual disabilities achieve academic excellence.

A spokeswoman said the program was funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS), which is responsible for supporting students with a range of learning needs.

Ms Linnell said the HBS program was also funded by DSS and the department had already spent more than $5 million on it.

“We need to be careful in how we allocate funds,” she said.

Dr Linnells said she had seen some students with disabilities who had been successful in their studies.

She said the students were not able to use their special skills or learning styles to help them achieve their goals.

“(They) would be so much better off with a school with a teacher who could help them to develop their specialities and give them the support that they need,” she told the ABC.

Professor Linnill said the success rate for HBS students was around 80 per cent, but she said the funding could only go so far.

Students who had a good start would be encouraged to work in different areas, or work towards a degree, she said, adding that the HBB was a way of supporting those with learning challenges.

HBS students would not be allowed to apply for grants and scholarships, but students who had achieved an excellent academic record would be able to apply to have their academic achievement recognised, according to the university.

However, the HUB and HBCE were also able to award grants and awards to students who were eligible.

It is the first time the department has funded an academic achievement program for students of learning disabilities.

Last year, the department announced a new academic achievement strategy that included a goal of supporting up to 50 per cent of HBCs students by 2025.


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