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How we’ll tackle the opioid crisis

How we’ll tackle the opioid crisis

Thousands of people have died from overdoses linked to heroin and fentanyl, and the cost to society has been staggering.

However, despite the devastation, there’s a way to make a real difference.

The Irish Government is looking at ways to reduce drug overdose deaths and is also looking at introducing an abstinence education program to tackle the problem.

With the introduction of the NICE National Strategy for Drug Misuse and Dependence, the Government is taking action to prevent deaths and recover lives.

NICE’s strategy will look at ways in which the Government can support the implementation of a variety of approaches and approaches to support people who are struggling with their addiction and their recovery, from reducing the supply of opioids to addressing other areas of the harm, such as alcohol and drugs.

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar said the strategy was aimed at ensuring that the Government has the right resources to help people struggling with addiction.

He said that the strategy would support the Government’s strategy to tackle drug abuse and dependency, with funding aimed at providing the resources and support needed to meet the needs of those people.

The strategy will also focus on the treatment of drug misuse and the prevention of future drug misuse.

Minister Varadker said that in addition to addressing drug misuse, NICE is also working to ensure that people who have experienced the harm of drug abuse are not left behind.

The Minister said the Strategy will work to make the most of the current resources available, including the support for people who struggle with their substance abuse and will continue to look at funding for drug treatment programmes and the development of new approaches.

Minister For Health Leo Mair said that NICE and the Government were committed to working with partners to find solutions for the crisis and ensure the greatest possible level of recovery for those in need.

Minister Mair added that the Strategy would also help to address the problems caused by people using illicit drugs, which included heroin and the wider drug trade.

Minister Leo Varidkar said that, while the strategy will include a number of recommendations, the Minister was determined to ensure it provides the most effective approach to drug misuse that it can be.

Minister Arlene Foster said that drug misuse was the leading cause of deaths in Ireland, with many people struggling to find treatment.

She said that while there was a long way to go to eradicate the problem, NICHD had a strong hand in providing a range of services that could help.

She added that this Government is committed to ensuring that we continue to provide the support that is necessary to support the people in our communities.

Minister Foster said NICHR was working to reduce the harm caused by drug abuse.

She emphasised that there were people who had not recovered from the impact of their addiction, but said that this would not prevent them from accessing the help that they need.

She also pointed out that NICH was working with a number other agencies, such the Department of Health, the Department for Public Expenditure and Reform, the Health Service Executive and the Department Of Social Protection to support local authorities in their recovery efforts.

Minister Diarmuid Martin said that there was no single strategy for drug abuse, but that there are a number pieces of the puzzle, including improving the provision of information to people and providing a variety to drug users and dealers.

Minister Martin said the National Strategy will be available for consultation in March, and that NICOHD and the Minister for Justice, Equality and Citizenship will have a role in reviewing the strategy.

Minister Michael McGrath said that despite the huge amount of harm that people continue to suffer, he was determined that the most appropriate and appropriate way forward was for the Government to take the lead in working towards reducing drug abuse in Ireland.

Minister McGrath added that NICS had been working closely with partners in the community, the community sector, the police, and other stakeholders, and was committed to making sure that the NICHS strategy was delivered in a way that is effective.

Minister Mike Nahan said that he was also committed to tackling drug abuse issues, but added that he recognised that drug use is a complex problem and that there will always be people in the country who have substance abuse problems.

Minister Nahan added that while NICOH and NICHT had a number aspects in place to support drug use, NICOHS was working closely together to provide services and to provide guidance to all communities, including those in the Northern Ireland, who are affected by drug use.

Minister Joseph Larkin said that although NICOHR has worked with many other agencies and individuals, there was an area where the Government had not done enough to assist, and he was committed that this area would be addressed.

Minister Larkin added that it was essential that the drug misuse services and support available to people who needed help were given the priority they were entitled to under the law.

Minister Kevin Humphreys said that one of the challenges faced by the Irish Government was the level of concern about drug use in the wider community, which has increased significantly since the NIA. He

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