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How to stop the ‘white supremacist’ backlash

How to STOP the ‘White Supremacist’ REVOLUTION: 1) You CAN stop white supremacy by changing how you treat people of color, 2) You DON’T need to have ‘White Nationalism’ in order to be a good person.


You CAN STOP WHITE SUPREMACISM by changing HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE OF COLOR You can help change the culture in the U.S. by changing the way you treat and treat people who are different from you.

You can do this by: Changing the way we treat people based on their skin color.

You need to know: There are three different ways to treat people differently: skin color, hair color, and gender.

There are four different ways you can treat people according to their race, gender, and/or ethnicity: People of color who are white or who are of European descent, people of European origin, people who have a disability, and people who identify as trans.

People who are disabled should be treated with respect, not disdain.

People with a disability can’t be racist.

If you want to change the way people treat people with a disabilities, you need to do three things: Change how we treat everyone based on the skin color of their skin, change how we view people based upon their skin or their disability, change the ways in which we interact with people based off their disability.

These are the steps you can take to: Change the way in which people are treated based on skin color: You can change how people are viewed by changing your interactions with them.

You don’t have to like their skin.

People can be racist to people who don’t look like you.

People have to be respectful to people they don’t know.

People of different races and/organs can have different experiences.

People’s gender identity is more complex than skin color and hair color.

People are people regardless of their sex or their race.

People should be judged based on who they are and what they say and do.

People, especially transgender people, have different gender identities and identities.

People that identify as female and/ or trans should not be discriminated against.

People from minority communities should not have to live with the discrimination and hatred that other people experience because of who they identify as.

People on the LGBTQ+ community are not a monolith.

People in the LGBT+ community have different perspectives and experiences than the rest of us.

People also have different genders, identities, and sexualities.

People may not identify as a certain gender, or may be non-binary.

If your workplace or school does not provide gender-neutral facilities, you can work with your supervisor to create a gender- neutral facility or hire a gender neutral person who is willing to be inclusive and non-discriminatory.

People without disabilities can participate in a variety of activities and participate in activities that don’t discriminate against people of different genders and identities, as long as they can do it safely.

People based on color can participate and participate safely in a diverse group of people of all ages, ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, and physical abilities.

People at all stages of life can participate safely and without fear in a workplace or other non-discrimination environment.

People regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or disability can participate without fear or discrimination.

People for whom race is a barrier can participate with safety and dignity.

People living with HIV can participate, and HIV-positive people who care about others can also participate safely.

You will learn how to stop white supremacist backlash and how to be an ally to people of Color.

If the backlash keeps coming, you may not get what you want.

You may be hurt.

You might be discriminated.

You and your community will be judged.

And you may lose your job or lose your livelihood.

1 of 19 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × Anti-racist rallies take place across the country View Photos Protesters demand an end to racism and hate in the United States.

Caption Protesters demand a end to hate in America.

Oct. 12, 2017 Protesters gather in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

Protesters from around the world are marching to demand an anti-racist movement in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory.

People gather at the US embassy in Tokyo on Nov. 9, 2017.

People hold up placards that read “No Trump” and “No KKK” during a rally protesting racism in Tokyo.

A woman with a sign that reads “No hate, no KKK” shouts slogans during a protest in Tokyo, Japan, on Nov 3, 2017, as part of the International Day of Racial Justice.

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters) People gather to protest racism in Los Angeles on Oct. 1, 2017 in Los California, California.

Anti-racism demonstrators gathered in downtown Los Angeles, Calif., and the city of Los Angeles.

(Mario Anzuoni/Reuters, Pool) You can make a difference in the lives of people around the globe with this guide:

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