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How to save lives: Peace education program

How to save lives: Peace education program

A new peace education campaign is being run in schools across Canada to teach students about the impact of conflict and the importance of having a peace plan to rebuild communities.

In addition to schools, Peace Education Canada, a non-profit organization run by teachers and students in Canada, is helping to run a Peace Education Week, starting Friday.

The campaign is part of a wider effort to help train young people and teach them about the need for peace, and the need to be involved in the development of a peace solution.

It’s part of an effort by the organization to expand the reach of Peace Education programs in schools, as well as expand the numbers of people being trained.

The organization hopes that the Peace Education program will help people understand the potential for peace and help them to make a peace that can last.

“Peace is so much more than just a political or economic relationship,” says Heather Ritch, Peace Educator for Peace Education.

“Peace education is about the people that are building a peace.

Peace education is building a community.

It is the building of a foundation for the future.”

As part of the campaign, Peace Editions Canada is hosting a series of meetings in communities across the country to discuss ways to build community and improve their relationship with one another.

The meetings will take place in locations in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, and will focus on a variety of issues, including peace education.

“We want to get students involved in a conversation about how to build a community that can be a peace building platform,” says Ritch.

“We want them to get involved in what we call the ‘peace education process,’ the process of trying to bring people together to have a better understanding of the potential of peace and the potential to achieve peace.

We want to help them understand how that process works and how to put together their own plans for peace.”

Ritch says that the campaign will be held in communities with a population of between 25,000 and 50,000 people, and is looking to connect students and teachers in these areas.

“This program is about building a space for them to really engage in learning and actually have conversations with each other about the ideas of peace,” she says.

“It’s not about just saying, ‘Go to school today, because that’s going to teach you peace.’

It’s about learning about how we can build a peace foundation and actually be part of building that peace.”

In addition to the sessions, PeaceEditions Canada will be running a series for local schools, with the aim of developing a curriculum that will help students and their families prepare for peace.

“As a community we can really connect,” says Paul Ritchie, a Peace Educators for Peace Educations.

“It’s a process that we can go through and really get into the heart of what it means to be a peaceful community.

The schools are also a great place to really work with people who are working on peace, especially with young people.”

The program has so far attracted a diverse range of students, ranging from Grade 12 students to adults who are between 18 and 25 years old.

They will be learning about the peace process, the potential conflict and its aftermath, how to get back on track, and what it takes to build an armed community.

As part.of the campaign and in collaboration with the Peace Schools Network, PeaceEducation Canada will also be offering support to organizations that work to bring peace to communities, including a variety program for youth, a youth empowerment program for teachers, and a youth mentorship program.

The program will also focus on the importance to have the right tools to help build peace, such as the creation of a local community plan.

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