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How to prevent the flu from infecting you

How to prevent the flu from infecting you

It’s the most common flu outbreak of the year, and people are still getting sick.

The CDC says that while flu season has ended, there are still cases of influenza in the U.S. and overseas.

If you’re a patient with a cold, there’s an increased risk of contracting influenza.

But if you’ve had a flu-like illness and haven’t taken any antibiotics, there could be more risk of catching the flu.

That’s because the flu virus is able to stay dormant for weeks.

The virus can then be transmitted by the cough, sneeze, or sneeak of an infected person.

People can get the flu during a flu pandemic, which occurs when the flu season is long, and the virus is more infectious.

It’s estimated that about 7 million Americans have been sickened by the flu so far.

And the CDC says there could still be more cases of the flu in the country.

It says that, as of Monday, there were nearly 1 million flu-related hospitalizations and nearly 3 million confirmed cases of flu.

However, there may be more people who have the flu and haven.

And those numbers are growing.

“People who are older and who are taking antibiotics and haven the flu are more likely to be getting the flu, but also people who are not getting antibiotics,” Dr. Jonathan S. Katz, director of the CDC’s Influenza Vaccine Research and Surveillance Program, said in a phone interview.

“There are more people in the community who have this infection, and that’s really alarming.”

So if you haven’t had any antibiotics for several days, you’re more likely than people who haven’t been on antibiotics to catch the flu if you have colds or flu symptoms.

But even if you’re not sick, if you do get the cold, you could be vulnerable to the flu too.

People who are infected with the flu should avoid close contact with anyone who has a flu illness, Katz said.

They should also stay home if they have flu symptoms and wear masks.

You should be vigilant to stay well hydrated, and you should also check your respiratory system every few hours for flu-causing viruses, Katz says.

“We want to make sure we have the best vaccines we can, and we’ve got to be very vigilant and do everything we can to prevent infections.”

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