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How to make a Madrasah: How to create an educational programme for refugees

How to make a Madrasah: How to create an educational programme for refugees

The programme for migrants in India is based on the principles of MISA, or the Migrant Educational Program.

MISA was established in 1996 by the Central Government.

Its aim is to provide support for the education of migrants and refugees, and to provide them with a place to live.

But the MISA is not without its critics, particularly in Kerala where it has been accused of being an illegal and unproductive project.

It was introduced by the State Government to help migrants settle in the State after the Emergency.

The programme is aimed at providing them with accommodation, education, jobs and health care.

It also provides them with legal rights.

The main problem with MISA has been that its primary purpose is to give migrants and their families an opportunity to settle in Kerala.

As a result, migrants and families have been subjected to the worst conditions.

Migrants and their children are forced to work on sugarcane plantations, and are not allowed to live on the streets.

Migrant children and women are not entitled to proper medical care, and they are not given access to proper education.

The MISA programme has had some successes, especially in providing more employment opportunities to migrants.

However, many migrant families are still living in squalid conditions, facing exploitation and abuse.

The State Government has promised to improve the Misa programme, but is not yet able to do so.

In the current situation, it is up to the state to take effective action to help these families and their neighbours.

MSA provides basic education to migrants and children from families that have settled in Kerala and to people from migrant communities who are seeking employment.

The program helps migrants integrate and integrate into the mainstream society, and provides them employment.

MIMA aims to provide a framework for the resettlement of migrants in Kerala to be able to start their new lives.

It will also assist migrants in attaining proper legal status and to access jobs and education.

Mimsas main aim is the establishment of an educational and employment programme for the Migrants.

The basic plan is to help migrant families to obtain basic knowledge, skills, education and jobs.

The primary aim of Mimsa is to ensure that they have a basic level of education in their home country.

It is hoped that MimsA will help migrants to achieve a basic degree of knowledge, and prepare them to get employment and settle in their new home.

The Government has offered financial assistance of Rs 1,500 per migrant for the first two years, with the remaining amount to be provided after that.

It has also set up an awareness-raising programme for migrant families.

The awareness- raising programme will provide the families with information on the education and employment opportunities in Kerala, and how to apply for jobs in Kerala if they wish.

Mimmas programme will also include a workshop for migrants and the general public.

MImas aim is for migrant parents to be educated and employable in their own homes.

The aim is that this will help to ensure they can be self-reliant and to ensure their children do not have to live in squalor.

It would also give them a chance to develop their education and skills.

The education and training programme will be provided by a private company called Kalyan International, which will run a Mimsah in Kerala for MimsAs first year.

It hopes to have a full Mimsaa in every school in the state.

Kalyans aim is not only to help the migrant families but also to provide opportunities for other families to do the same.

In 2019, Mimsabh will be inaugurated in the school for the next five years.

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