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How to Get Your Epcot Education Program on Netflix

How to Get Your Epcot Education Program on Netflix

IGN has learned that Netflix has officially announced the official Netflix educational programs for Epcot, Disney World and Walt Disney World Resort.

While it’s unknown if these are available for the entire park, Disney is offering some of their own programs for people who can’t visit Epcot on their own.

According to Netflix, Disney’s “Epcot Epiphany” program will include:* Epcot: The Disney Experience and Disney Magic Journey: Learn about Walt Disney’s world-famous park, its characters and experiences, and more* Epiphany: Journey through Epcot to experience Walt Disney Imagineering’s spectacular “Epiphany” pavilion* Epoch: Explore Epcot from the perspective of Epcot’s newest building* Epoque: Discover the world’s largest and most famous restaurant* Epitome: Explore the world of Epoquodes in all its grandeur* Ephemera: Discover how the worlds of Disney Parks and Epcot are intertwined with each other and beyond.* Epcot Epidemic: Learn how Epcot has been transformed from a “theme park” into a “community hub” and “community space”* Epidori: Epcot celebrates the birth of Epitomo, the company that helps people find the most affordable and convenient way to pay for Epitodes* Epicurean: Discover Disney’s newest “Epicureanism” experience, the first of its kind* Epilogue: Discover Epcot through the eyes of Epictetus, the father of Epicureanism, and the author of The Epicurean Epistles* Journey: Discover why Epcot is one of the most visited attractions in the world, and why the new Epcot “World of Adventures” has made its mark* Kingdom Hearts II: Journey to The World of Hearts* Journey to the Jungle Book* Journey Into Imagination: Discover a new way to explore Disney’s Disney theme parks by joining a Disney Vacation Club* Disney Parks: Discover new ways to experience Disney’s parks and attractions through the use of Disney apps and services* The Jungle Book: Discover hidden treasures and hidden secrets of the Jungle Cruise* Journey To the Kingdom: Discover stories from Disney’s first ever “DisneyQuest” adventure, where a Disney character will help you explore your own Disney vacation* Disney Fantasyland: Discover some of the first rides and attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom* The Magical World of Color: Discover magic, wonder and magic magic tricks in Disney Parks through the magic of color* Disney Infinity: Explore new characters and games from Disney Interactive Studios* The Journey: Explore Disney’s most famous attraction, The Journey.

The Journey has become a popular destination for Disney vacationers.* EpiPen: Get your EpiPens treatment at Epi-Pen, a Disney-owned emergency allergy and allergy medicine brand.

Disney has already announced that Epi Pen will be available at Walt Disney Vacations Resort beginning on September 6.

Disney’s Epi Pens are available at Epcot restaurants and will be sold in kiosks throughout the parks.

In addition to these Disney programs, Disney will be offering additional educational programs that are currently available through their Disney Parks website.

For more information, check out our Disney Parks official press release below.

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