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How to build a program to reduce crime in schools

How to build a program to reduce crime in schools

iup Education is one of the few programs in Canada that focuses on the issue of violence against women and girls.

The iup program aims to change attitudes and behaviors in schools by offering a one-to-one mentorship program to help students identify and identify and change the ways they interact with each other and with the community.

“We know that there is a lot of anger, a lot more hostility toward girls, a huge gap between the genders, between boys and girls,” said iup chief executive officer and former senior education official Sandra Bouchard.

iup is currently looking for a mentor who will teach students about issues such as sexual assault and harassment, violence against students and students with disabilities.

The mentoring program will run for six weeks and will cover six weeks of classroom instruction.

It is part of iup’s plan to help change attitudes in schools that encourage positive interactions between students and teachers.

Bouchard said the program could be expanded to more schools across the country.

Teachers at iup schools are required to provide support to students who report issues of violence and harassment and to help them understand the reasons for these issues, and how to report it.

The program is being piloted in the Halifax Regional School District, and it will expand in other regions.

According to iup, it has found that students who participated in the program reported a decrease in harassment and violence against them and a rise in positive interactions.

Some of the students also had a greater level of self-esteem, said Bouchards co-founder, Marie-Claude Lussier.

It is a model for other universities in Canada, said Jennifer LeBlanc, a co-director of iups programs at Carleton University.

Other initiatives include a mentoring and empowerment program for Indigenous students and a pilot program for female students at St. Thomas University.

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