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How the Upstart Education Fund has raised $1.1M in the space of three months

How the Upstart Education Fund has raised $1.1M in the space of three months

The Upstart Fund, which was founded by Mark Cuban and his wife, Michelle, and is a nonprofit that aims to give young people a chance to invest in education, raised $872,000 in just three months.

The fund, which has been in existence since June, is aimed at young entrepreneurs.

It is funded through a combination of individual and corporate grants and by giving each young person a $50,000 equity grant.

The funds goal is to give entrepreneurs a chance for a startup capital loan, which will help them expand their businesses, expand their networks, and get a head start on a new venture.

The Fund was created in the wake of the Great Recession and is aimed to provide a way for young people to access capital.

The program is called the Education Equity Fund, and the idea behind it is that, in order to build up an entrepreneurial career, young people need a platform to start their businesses and that’s where the Fund comes in.

As of this writing, the fund has received $1,062,622 in grants and has set up offices in Washington D.C., New York City, and San Francisco.

The fund is a way to help young people and entrepreneurs get the capital they need to launch their businesses.

It’s also meant to give them access to funding, and it has the potential to help create more startups and more jobs for young Americans.

The Fund’s main goal is twofold: it provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get capital for their companies and it also provides them with access to financing for the startup of their dreams.

The Capital Fund will help young entrepreneurs like Zara Lee, the founder of the Upworthy app, get their businesses off the ground.

Lee has a background in tech and she is hoping that the fund will allow her to be able to expand her business and be able help other young people.

Lee was able to raise the funds through the fund and it was her company that got the first seed round of funding.

Lee and her husband, Mark, were able to get $1 million in funding.

Zara Lee and Mark Lee.

Zerisska Lee/UpworthyZara is the founder and CEO of Upworthy, a startup that helps people find and recommend places to eat.

She is also the co-founder of the popular and well-known website, Upworthy.

Zara is a native of Brooklyn and her parents were born in New York.

She currently lives in Washington, D. C.

Zera Lee.

Image: Upworthy Zara has already been working on her first venture, the Upvoted app, which uses her phone’s GPS and the Upvote feature to help her track down and recommend restaurants that people love.

She recently launched a second venture, Upvoting, which is her company’s app that will help people find out where their friends and family are, and where they can meet people they like.

She and Mark were able a seed round in December.

Zera and Mark.

Zebra Lee.

Lee says that she has received offers from a number of companies.

Her company was able offer her a $500,000 seed round, and she has also been approached by other startups.

The Upvoters app is currently in beta and is only available to members of the United States.

There are several other young entrepreneurs that are taking advantage of the fund’s opportunity.

Zera Lee is one of them.

Lee is an up-and-coming young entrepreneur and was able, thanks to the Fund, to get a small round of seed funding from a company called Sohu.

Sohua is a company that makes VR headsets and also offers a variety of other apps for young adults.

Zeta Lee and Sohuan are the founders of Sohun, which provides VR education and a range of other services to the tech community.

It is not all new for young founders.

Zuma Lee, who is also a co-owner of Upvoter, is also in the startup space.

She had the opportunity to get some seed funding, which she is now using to start Upvoters app.

Lee says that the funds was also used to raise money for a project she is currently working on.

The app allows people to vote on a range to topics, and Lee is using that money to get more data for her project.

The project will provide more information about the issues that are affecting young people’s lives.

Lee and her co-founders hope that the money will be used to build a platform for young and talented entrepreneurs to reach out to the wider community and make connections with those in their industry.

The fund has also provided support for the Uptop education program.

It has a focus on connecting young people with mentors who can provide them with the information and resources they need for starting a business.

That program will help support up-to-date education resources

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