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Health Minister orders nationwide polio vaccination, announces Rs 50 crore fund

Health Minister orders nationwide polio vaccination, announces Rs 50 crore fund

India’s health minister, P. Chidambaram, on Thursday ordered a nationwide vaccination drive against the disease, including for all primary school children.

In a statement, the health minister said the state will vaccinate 100% of primary schoolchildren, of whom 30% will be vaccinated against polio in a month.

India has recorded 1,816 deaths of polio since 2009.

The vaccine, the state government said, will be delivered to every household.

Earlier in the day, Chidambe told reporters in New Delhi that a total of 2,800 health centres would be equipped to administer the vaccine.

On Monday, the Prime Minister had ordered the state health department to begin vaccinating school children, and announced a Rs 50-crore fund to cover costs.

He said that the government would also spend Rs 25 crore for polio eradication work.

Chidambara said that vaccination of school children will begin on August 31, the day of the World Health Day, the anniversary of India’s independence.

In December, the country recorded the first polio deaths.

A state health official said on Tuesday that the state has recorded 6,971 polio cases since the beginning of the year, and the total number of polio cases is about 4,500.

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