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‘Beware of all Trump supporters’: Former Trump adviser warns of ‘bigger danger’

‘Beware of all Trump supporters’: Former Trump adviser warns of ‘bigger danger’

On Monday, former Trump adviser Betsy Johnson warned of “bigger dangers” ahead for the president, who she said is trying to “wipe away all of his successes” by blaming every failure on “his own supporters” who are “trying to undermine him.”

“I think there are a lot of Trump supporters who have really been fed a steady diet of bullshit by this administration and by the media,” Johnson said on “Fox and Friends” during a discussion of Trump’s “Beware Of All Trump Supporters” speech.

“They’ve been told this stuff is fake news, and that they don’t have the power.

So I think there’s a lot more going on than they’ve been aware of, and I think the president has been very, very irresponsible in using these kind of false narratives.”

Johnson added that Trump has “lost control of his own message,” as “people are losing faith in him.”

She noted that Trump’s approval ratings are “just flatlining,” while “he’s losing the trust of his base.”

“The president is going to have to come back to a point where he can actually articulate what he believes in and actually convince people to vote for him,” Johnson warned.

“And that’s going to be difficult.”

The former Trump advisor was also critical of Trump for not speaking to his former aides, which have “taken the blame for everything that’s happened” and “didn’t really help him,” she said.

She also slammed Trump’s new administration for failing to protect Trump and his family.

“You’re going to see a big change in this administration, and this administration is going be much bigger than Trump,” Johnson continued.

“The president has lost control of the narrative, and he’s been very much relying on the media to make up stories about him, which are so false.”

Johnson went on to say that Trump is “in the midst of a campaign-style, anti-media campaign,” which she said has “destroyed his own presidency.”

“This is not a campaign,” Johnson claimed, before claiming that “it’s a death spiral.”

Johnson also slammed the White House for not “taking control of its own message” and instead blaming “the media for what’s happening.”

Johnson’s remarks come after a recent report revealed that the White, House and Senate are in negotiations on legislation that would ban certain types of “fake news,” while it has also been revealed that Trump himself is “very concerned about the impact this will have on the president’s public image.”