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A WA Government to fund $5 million to fund WOC education programs

A WA Government to fund $5 million to fund WOC education programs

Perth City Council will spend up to $5.4 million over the next three years to provide $500,000 in funding for WOC schools and a range of educational programs to encourage literacy and numeracy among young people.

Key points:Premier Colin Barnett said WOC are “very vulnerable”WOC education funding will be given to “community-based” organisationsThe WA Government has pledged to fund the program in partnership with the WA Teachers Union and community organisationsThe money will be used to develop WOC literacy and information programs at the WOC educational programs on the Central Coast, including the Woc Literacy and Information Center (WOCLC), the Womens Literacy Centre (WOLC), the Youth Centre for Women’s Development (YWC), the Women’s Literacy Resource Centre (WHRC) and the Women in Education (WOE).

It comes after the WA Government announced it would spend $7 million to support the program.

The WA Premier said the WOLC and WHRC are vital for Woc learners and support their development in the community.

“These organisations provide WOC students with access to the skills they need to thrive in their chosen field of study,” Mr Barnett said.

“In particular, they have a long history of developing women and girls who are interested in their profession, their careers, and their futures.”

We want to support WOC programs that support their education and that they can thrive in.”‘

A great opportunity’The WA Labor Government will also fund a range or community-based organisations that provide literacy and/or numeracy training to young people at risk of being unemployed or underemployed.”

This will support local communities who are struggling with literacy and literacy skills shortages, particularly for those in the WOCC,” Mr Cooper said.


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